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C# Programming

Need help.

I don't get how to convert those letters unless during the input part, I gotta have each thing input separately and I am unsure on how to do that.

"Write a program that simulates the dial of a phone number. The program will input a phone number and the program will acknowledge the call by either writing an error message or the 8-digit phone number to the console window. The phone number may have digits, letters, or both.

Define a method named ReadDials( ) that reads each digit/letter dialed into eight separate char variables (DO NOT USE ARRAYS). All digits are sent back through parameters by reference. Then, for each digit, the program will use a method named ToDigit( ), which receives a single char argument (pass by reference) that may be a number or a letter of one of the digits dialed. If it is a number, return 0 by value indicating it is a valid digit. If the digit is a letter, the number corresponding to the letter is returned by reference and return 0 by value indicating it is a valid digit. Here are the letters associated with each digit.

If the digit entered is not one of the valid digits or valid letters, return –1 by value indicating that you have an invalid digit.
A phone number never begins with a 0, so the program should flag an error if such a number is entered. Make ReadDials( ) return –2 in this case. Also, a phone number never begins with 555, so the program should flag an error if such a number is entered. Make ReadDials( ) return –3 in this case. A phone number always has a hyphen (-) in the fourth position. Make ReadDials( ) return –4 if it doesn't have a hyphen in the fourth position. If a hyphen is in any other position, it is considered an invalid digit. If the phone number is valid, main calls the AcknowledgeCall( ) method to write the converted number to the output file.

All the logic of the program should be put in methods that are called from Main(): ReadDials( ), and AcknowledgeCall( ). The ToDigits() method is called from the ReadDials( ) method and is used to convert each letter entered individually to a digit and to verify the user has entered a valid phone number. Have the program work for any number of phone numbers. Continue processing until the user enters a Q.

In the ToDigits() method use the Char.ToUpper method to convert any letters entered to uppercase. All error messages are to be written to the output file from Main( ) based on the return value from the methods.

You will set up the eight char variables to hold the digits of the phone number in Main ( ) and pass the variables to the methods by reference. "

Some Help?

Alright, I'm trying to help a friend out. He really wants to go whitewater rafting and lo and behold there is a contest nearby him.


If you're able to.. Please go to this website and vote for "Tom"
Thanks muchly! *Hugs*

FYI: You might need to refresh the page before voting when you get to the website.


Life's pretty good now. Graduated from College, I'm a Nurse working Full-time and I'm now in University, on my way to get my bachelors =)

Lost - brain cramp

Alright I'm trying to figure out from an article I'm reading how to read the results of the study.

"Physical well-being
In this study, physical well-being included physical health status, blood pressure and the occurrence of falls. Participants had a mean physical health status score of 48∙56 (SD 7∙23) at pre-test; 53∙27 (SD 6∙79) at post-test I; 53∙12 (SD 7∙76) at post-test II; 53∙26 (SD 7∙27) at post-test III; and 51∙10 (SD 8∙74) at post-test IV (see Fig. 1 for the mean values and standard deviations of the four physical health concepts). The RANOVA indicated that the participants’ physical health status was significantly improved after the Tai Chi intervention
[F(4,17) = 3∙42, p=0∙038]"

How do you read the results of this, like the numbers?

Can someone rewrite it in percentage or something?

Plans For the Summer

So I haven't touched this thing in awhile. Heh I still have to write about my time in Colorado and British Columbia back in Feb/March. I'll get around too those eventually ;)

Suffice to say though, on those trips I met some really awesome people and I don't think I have had the chance to say thank you to tekfox for running the ski weekend. I am definitely going to go back next year if I can scrounge up the money (and time).

So Now that school has ended and I've moved back home to Port Hope, I'm up and ready to move again.  Tomorrow at 7:45pm I will be boarding a plane to British Columbia and arriving in Vancouver at 9:47pm, where I will be picked up by my boyfriend =)
I'll be in BC to work this summer, and already have a couple job leads. In August I'll be coming back to Ontario, but not empty handed, I wanted a souvenir for my travels and decided to take my boyfriend with me xP.

Sometime in August Varr and I will be taking a long road-trip from BC to Ontario, and moving into our new apartment which is situated on the border of Dundas and Hamilton; close by to McMaster University. Then I'll be attending my studies there (in the IAHS building, partially Mac and Mohawk student).

I couldn't be happier ^^, and a little nervous =P

I have less then 24hrs and I'll be in BC; can't wait!! ^^

I should finish packing up somethings. I still don't know what I should bring for the summer.

 See y'all later. Oh and if any BC furs wants to hang out this summer, hit me up!

Sending Large Files

I was wondering..

                    Does anyone know how to create torrents and stream/seed them to just one person? I'm trying to get a large file off of a friend and that id the only way I can think of; I know it can be done but I have no idea how to do it.

I'm using the Utorrent program if that makes a difference.

Any help would be great! Thanks.


I'd like to send a Happy 24th Birthday to a dear friend draco751 ; AKA Banshee.

Have a good one hun!


Need Help ;_;

I'm new at physics and this is the first semester of me taking the course.

I've been struggling with a few questions all weekend and can't seem to figure them out. (sucks too since I have a test on Monday)

I know it's kind of a lot of questions, but that is out of 56 questions I had to answer.. Please if anyone could help me out that would be greatly appreciated.


Well I managed to find my passport thankfully, I searched over my room 5 times and completely distroied it >.>

I had to skip school yesterday and miss 2 or 3 tests, so I could travel to my moms place to find my passport. Ugh yesterday sucked, got like 2 hrs sleep that day and I was running off of coffee and energy drinks.

Anyways, I stayed as my friends Husker's place last night since it was closeish to the airport and got the airport taxi to come pick me up. It was nice and cheap too; just $33.00.

Now, I'm sitting in the airport, all bags checked in and I've gone through customs; my flight doesn't leave until 9:50am. I'll be arriving into Denver, Colorado at 11:35am, there times I'm guessing.

Once I'm there I have no idea what to do.. Not sure who is picking me up.

Feb. 20th, 2008

Crap  Crap  Crap  Crap  Crap  Crap  Crap  Crap  Crap !

I can't find my passport!!!!!!   >.<